I'm Tommy.

I love to design new solutions and optimize existing ones. Using my experience, creativity and motivation I constantly explore new fields and technologies, develop outside the box innovations and build bridges between people and technology.




Conception, Business Development, Consulting


Medical Data in the Blockchain

In contrast to the electronic health card (eGK), an alternative technology concept for the storage and handling of identities and sensitive health data in Germany was built in cooperation with the digital agency Turbine Kreuzberg. In a six-month project, my team of students developed a proof of concept that included not only industry and technology analyses and a functioning prototype based on the Hyperledger Blockchain, but also concrete concepts for practical use. The project's success led to an application for an ideas competition of the Federal Ministry of Health, various press mentions (HB, GS) and the continuation of the project by the management of Turbine Kreuzberg to this day.

STK Wald und Forst

Innovative Forestry Startup

With the aim of developing disruptive and digital solutions for the hitherto little progressive forestry industry, a startup was set up in cooperation with a forestry engineer. From the business plan to today's profitable operation, processes were modernized, new digital paths in forestry were smoothed and a sales platform for agricultural real estate was developed, which was profitable after three months and still represents one of the company's main sources of income.


Business Intelligence Project

In cooperation with Ceteris AG and using various data from European institutions and measuring stations, this project investigated the emissions scandal of German vehicle manufacturers, the development and introduction of alternative drive concepts in Europe and the interaction of both developments. After months of conception, data preparation and development using Excel, VBA, SQL and PowerBI, several interactive and configurable dashboards were built. With their help, we uncovered common myths, drawed up forecasts and compared data of different countries to bring data to life and make the information hidden in it accessible for everyone.

Tosca featuring TOGAF®

Enterprise Architecture Management

On behalf of Bearing Point, my student project team developed application, data and business infrastructures for the introduction of Tricentis' test automation software Tosca for a fictitious major global bank. The architectures designed using TOGAF® were tailored to the complex suite and to the highly regulated banking sector as well as to the bank's plans to expand their business globally. The highly flexible and scalable results were complemented by certifications, manual and automated software tests, a compliance review process, a governance model and a recommendation for a change management process.

Nature Protection 4.0

Bachelor's Thesis

In the context of my Bachelor's thesis, a business concept was developed that combines traditional forestry with innovative technology to create a simple opportunity for private individuals and companies to pursue nature conservation independently, actively and with little effort. With the help of the methods and tools of business computing, expert interviews were conducted, stakeholders and target groups were analysed and personae, use cases and prototypical studies were designed. Later modelled business processes, a technical concept, an implementation plan and a critical discussion of possible effects and future scenarios form the basis for the imminent implementation.

Digitized Theses

Enterprise Content Management

The central goal of the semester project on Enterprise Content Management was the digitization of all processes, applications, forms and documents relating to any final thesis at the HTW Berlin. Using the enaio® software suite and custom extensions written in Visual Basic, a tool was created that made most of the sheets of paper superfluous. The new solution was able to accelerate the majority of the processes many times over and for various roles, from the application to the review of final papers. In addition, old papers were migrated and uniform archiving developed.

Sustainability in Healthcare

Field and Company Analysis

As a central component of the Ethics for Managers course at Deakin University in Melbourne, the implementation of various global sustainability goals and strategies in the Australian healthcare and life sciences sector was to be analyzed. The semester-long project work also included a sustainability analysis of Becton, Dickinson and Company. A large number of events on ethical leadership and sustainable management in companies served as a theoretical basis.

Icon Web


Websites, Individual Platforms, E-Commerce

Dental Clinic Czaja

Responsive Website

A fully responsive website was created for a Berlin-based dental practice to match the previously developed corporate identity. The colour and design of the website are based on the practice's premises in order to support a holistic experience and recognition by the patients.

STK Wald und Forst


A representative website targeted at potential forest sellers was developed for a business unit of the start-up STK Wald und Forst. In addition, the digital presence of the company was completed with the help of a Facebook page and the corresponding consulting, various print materials from car advertising to business cards and a marketing concept with nationwide advertisements.


Sales Platform for Agricultural Property

The sales platform WaldundFlur.kaufen was thought up, conceptualized, implemented and supervised in cooperation with Mr. Koppe for a business unit of the start-up STK Wald und Forst. The innovative bidding process and the 360° presentation of the properties make a viewing by potential buyers obsolete and lead to above-average sales revenues. The growing partner network and consistently satisfied buyers underline the success of the platform, which has amortized after three months and is highly profitable to this day.

Kiddaz FM


The music and fashion label Kiddaz FM based in Berlin-Kreuzberg sells T-shirts, hoodies, CDs and accessories for various Berlin brands. The new shop fits into the CI of the label and presents the new collections in a modern and easily accessible way.

Dental Clinic Kleinschmidt


For Dr. Kleinschmidt's dental practice in Berlin-Lichtenberg, a website was designed that is easy to use, yet appeals to patients and fits into the appearance of the practice. In addition, a photo shoot was held with patients and staff to create consistent images that match the new website.

Icon Graphic


CIs, Logos, Print

Dental Clinic Czaja


In addition to the website mentioned above, a corporate identity was developed for the dental practice Czaja. The logo design with its colour and shape fits seamlessly into the design of the practice rooms, can be used flexibly and reflects the modernity of the practice.



The app MedMallorca was developed together with two classmates while taking my Abitur. The medical directory for the holiday island offered addresses, contact details, opening hours and other information for all medical contact points in Mallorca. Icons were designed for over 50 categories and prepared for use in the app.

Climate Change


As part of an art project, a series of postcards was developed to address the issue of climate change. The aim was to target a young audience and make them aware of the need for their generation to act through quick to capture motifs, clear statements, scientifically proven facts and drastic visuals.

EDS Lange


For a security company whose core competencies lie in building technology and plant engineering as well as the associated services, various logo designs were developed which put the company colours and the business in a more modern light and at the same time radiate security and reliability.


Icon Education


Abitur, Studies, Semester abroad
10 2017

Master of Science - Business Computing

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (University of Applied Sciences)
  • Currently studying in the 4th semester
  • Expecting to finish in February 2020
10 2018
03 2019

Study Abroad Programme

Deakin University Melbourne
  • Studied Business Communication, Ethics for Managers and Design Skills
  • Finished studies with an overall grade of HD and an equivalent of 22 ECTS
10 2013
03 2017

Bachelor of Science - Business Computing

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (University of Applied Sciences)
  • Finished studies with an overall grade of 1.5
  • Finished the bachelor thesis on a project facing the future of nature protection with a grade of 1.0
08 2005
04 2012


Otto-Nagel-Gymnasium Berlin
  • Successfully participated in project "Abitur in 11 years" and finished 2 years early
  • Finished with a grade of 1.8
Icon Work


From Design to Consulting
10 2016

Freelance Work as Web Developer, Consultant and Business Developer

TvS Berlin
  • Highly interdisciplinary work with a focus on digitization and innovation
  • Business development and creation as well as transformation of new ideas and concepts
  • Conception and supervision of projects in the field of e-commerce
  • Web design and web development with focus on custom solutions
  • Graphic design, creation of digital and print media, logos and advertising material
03 2015

Establishment and further Development of an innovative Start-up in the Forestry Sector

STK Wald und Forst UG
  • Consulting, conception and support from business plan to profitable operation
  • Innovation management and digitization in the traditional and antiqued forestry sector
  • Conception and development of a novel sales platform for agricultural and forest properties
10 2013
08 2014

Freelancer and Project Manager for Online Marketing, Web Development and Design

Redmarketing Berlin
  • Independent work as freelancer on own projects
  • Supporting the CEO with expertise in customer appointments and acquisition
01 2013
09 2013

Project Manager in an Online Marketing Agency

Redmarketing Berlin
  • Full-time takeover after successful internship as team and project manager
  • Organization, management, controlling and documentation of projects
  • Independent attendance and chairing of customer appointments, meetings and acquisition
  • Management and support of the team in the implementation of web projects
  • Instruction and training of new employees
08 2012
01 2013

Intern in Web Development and Design

Redmarketing Berlin
  • Web development and design, graphic design
  • Independent handling of small to medium-sized projects
08 2012
01 2013

Intern in Media Design

0815 Industries KG